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date night

Romance is in the air. Possible with a little liquid courage by the looks of it. Or maybe they're celebrating an anniversary. Interpret it as you will.

In case you haven't guessed, it's prompt time!

Prompt suggestions should be left in a comment to this post.

What you consider a prompt is up to you.

Prompts may be anything including, but not limited to, pictures, poetry, or song. You may offer as many prompts for the fest as your romantic heart desires. We'll continue with our shameless begging for prompts until midnight (wherever you are) Jan 16th.

You may leave more than one prompt but please be clear and separate multiple prompts by using numbers or separate lines.

Remember too, since this is not an exchange there is no certainty that your prompt will be chosen but any offered inspiration is greatly appreciated.
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"Will you look at that, it's time for Romancing McShep again!"


Welcome to another year of The Romancing McShep Fest!

How your imagine John and Rodney's romance is up to you. All mediums, stories, art, meta, rec lists etc will be met with welcome delight.

We only have one rule. This is a McShep fest! and happy endings are required. (That would be the Romance and Fest part)

Some of you are very familiar with the fest and this one will run like past years* with a couple of small differences.

Posting starts on Feb 14th, Valentines Day. It runs until midnight (time zone of your choice) Feb 28th.

With regards to the current LJ concerns I will be crossposting from DW. Respecting comfort levels, responses and entries can be posted at either site - tagging will help keep me organized - one hopes.

At the end of the fest I will post a masterlist at both sites, because we really really don't want anyone to miss out on anything.

* More info on the profile page


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