TV or not TV. Is that the question?

Sep. 25th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Well, it IS premiere week of the new season. I'm going to be ruining my eyes. Oh, wait. They're already ruined, lol.

My morning got ruined, too. I went back to bed at 2:55 and woke up at 6:22. Well, I guess that was enough along with last night's unscheduled nap. I tried (oh, it was a very trying experience) to watch the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Talk about aggravating to know that the recording was 19 minutes short. So I went to the Canadian network's site and tried watching, but the sound cut out around the 30 minute mark (of 42 minutes). Ack. Refreshed the page and started all over, hoping I could advance the time indicator. Oh, no. Can't be done. So I set it to play, which it did, until it lost the sound at the 20 minute mark. Obviously, this show does NOT wish to be watched, right? I took a chance with my TV's Rewatch feature, going back to the listing following the show (which happened to be Big Bang Theory) and managed to catch the end of the show. Oy. The drama. )

It was another unbearably hot day, so I (virtually) invented the portable shower. Imagine wearing a spacesuit (but only up to the neck opening) which would act as a cool shower. The only drawback? Perhaps pruny skin. But it would be wonderfully refreshing. Yes, you're talking to the blonde who wore a towel all day long.

In the evening, I watched Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, and N.C.I.S. Nola. The ONLY good thing about YS is that the character's internal monologue is voiced by Jim Parsons. And the SMART thing about N.C.I.S. is that the big takedown happened off-screen during the summer months (which was a relief because the mayor had been a real sleazeball). I also recorded Murdoch Mysteries but I'll leave that for tomorrow. Enough TV for me today. Now I'm going to enjoy my late dinner (instant noodle bowl with added Lemongrass) and read before bed. I have to go out in the heat tomorrow. Not a happy camper.
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I just woke up at 1:01 a.m. So we'll just pretend it's still Sunday aka the-best-day-of-the-week.

Somehow, I managed to get out the door to church (wearing all black because that's what I'm like, topped with my crystal chandelier earrings) with my life-saving supplies that included my bottle of water AND the cute portable fan (prezzie from church-John) with a spray feature. Just one problem: I'd filled the reservoir but no water was emerging. I figured I'd let c-J figure it out. Which he did when he arrived (priming the pump needed a man's touch, lol). If I hadn't had that fan, I would not have made it through the service. Even simply sitting in the first pew, I had difficulty breathing. I have NO idea of how the choir was able to perform (energetically!!!). There were so many touching moments I'm thrilled I'd caught live, one of them being our preacher proclaiming Shana Tovah (Happy New Year in the Jewish calendar) before the three celebrants partook of apple slices dipped in honey. Have I mentioned (often enough) how much I love my church?

I'd been worried about being assigned a cab home, but the driver was very gentle with my damaged walker. He also had his A/C on full blast, so I enjoyed my ride home. Walking up the back deck stairs was torture, as the wooden railing was scorching hot. Nope, no desire to sit outside. I was just so grateful to be home where I could cool off and drink more water. I was actually surprised to write my review rather quickly. I guess I'm becoming more versatile in that aspect. And then I was able to collapse.

I wasn't even all that hungry. I remember having some Soppressata (Italian cured sausage). And more water. There was no news on TV, just stupid football, but I had the TV on CBS (also set it to record) for the premiere of (oy) STD. Obviously, some presumably professional entities don't realize that some show names will be reduced to their acronyms. And then I fell asleep, even though I was still somewhat hot.

I'm not hot now (wow) but need to eat something (yogurt?) before taking my pills. I figure I'll stay up for a little while reading and then try for sleep again. Luckily, I don't have any obligations Monday. I'll watch the first hour of ::snickers:: STD at some point. TTFN.

Cool things

Sep. 24th, 2017 10:56 pm
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- I'm really happy to see [community profile] 50books_poc active again. I used to get tons of recs from it and am looking forward to it broadening my reading again.

- be yourself my ally A Wonder Woman fic featuring Etta/Diana. Pretending to be lovers is such a fun trope and it's deftly applied to a great pairing here. Themyscira was my favorite part of the movie so it made me happy to see it explored a bit here. I love how the author fleshed out Etta - her down-to-earthness, her warmth, her pragmatism and her ability to enjoy the little things. And I really appreciate how she portraits her as a queer lady who has had relationships with other queer ladies and who knows her worth.

- The Superhusbands Aluminum Anniversary Anthology is out! If you're into Steve/Tony at all, go check it out. It contains nearly 600 pages of new fanfic and fanart and is available for download for free.

Singing the aggravation blues.

Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:37 pm
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Oh, it wasn't all day, just the first thing in the morning (waking up at 4:42 a.m.) and the almost last thing in the evening (being on hold with my rides provider for an hour during which I was cut off twice). At least when I woke up early, I just had to fritter away 18 minutes until I could book my rides to Brian's place. But, tonight, I'm looking at a damaging ride home in a cab tomorrow (even though there's a permanent notation in my file that they should only send minivans or buses). Huh. I guess "permanent" has a different meaning for them. Sigh.

During the rest of the day, I vegged, I read, I did laundry, I got overheated just by putting on fresh pillowcases, I dozed. Had to make do with only the news and my game show repeats on TV. So, ST: Discovery begins tomorrow night. My fave station is doing a bait-and-switch, showing the first hour on regular network TV and the second hour on the specialty channel that we don't get. So I may be having to try to watch in online.

Okay, back to having a couple of shortbread cookies, sparkling water, and my precious pills. Church-John is nagging me to bring my latest gift from him, namely a portable fan with a water reservoir. He wants me to fill it. Considering the temp tomorrow (with humidity included) is supposed to feel like 100F+, I guess I will heed his advice. For once, lol.

La-la-la ... thunk!

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:33 pm
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So the la-la-la is easy. I finally got to watch the M/M couple Matthew Bourne version of "Swan Lake". I just wish my sight had been a bit better, though I did really ... um ... appreciate the sculptured muscles and torso of the mostly usually topless Swan. Mmmhmm. But it was aggravating to have to watch transposed movements still set to the original music while trying to figure out the details of the story. A lot of Oedipal stuff with Queen Mommy, I figured.

So, why the thunk? Well, I woke up at (stupid) 4:01 a.m. Decided to stay up reading so I could make my ride bookings at 5:00. After that, I stayed up for another 55 minutes before crawling back into bed. By some miracle, I managed to sleep again, waking up at 8:16. Hey, that's almost a really good sleep.

Obviously, watched the ballet after SuM and S left for several hours, so I could blast the music. In the afternoon, I rewatched this week's socially-relevant epi of The Orville. Reading many comments on the show's FB page. Scratching my head over the clueless ones who think the episode was anti-woman???!!! Sigh.

Didn't intend to, but did doze off, waking up at 6:17. So I restarted the news, then watched my game shows. Sent e-mails to Brian and to my sis RS. Also had a call from my friend Kurt (who timed it perfectly for after the ballet). The last two were regarding Thanksgiving Dinner at the church which - alas - will be held the day before. Oy.

Anyway, I think I'm off to bed. I'll have to wake up early again tomorrow for ride booking. Story of my life.

Sleep, glorious sleep.

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:23 pm
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After a false start (no, I did not want to wake up before 7), I surprised myself by falling back to sleep rather easily. I guess the fact that there was no pain tearing through my fingers (and other parts of the body) helped. I was in the middle of a strange dream (aren't they all?) when I woke up at 10:44. Wow. That was just so fulfilling.

As for the dream, well, I'd arranged to meet my dentist (the one I had in my 20s and 30s) at the subway station when I lived in the hoity-toity part of the city. We entered the first car (where the driver was) and sat down on the closest parallel bench so that he could examine my ear! Yeah, I know it doesn't make any sense. We were heading southbound, which would loop around and return us to the major thoroughfare just half a mile from where we started. While he was examining me, I mentioned that I'd never been off the continent at which point the driver (who just happened to be an old friend from church who currently lives in Ottawa) stuck his head out from his booth to mock me and my limited voyages. And then I woke up. Well, at least it was entertaining.

Back in more conventional entertainment, I caught up on my TV from last night, watching the finale of MasterChef. No, I wasn't pleased with the result. Sigh. Tonight's epi of The Orville was sad. Considering the subject matter, I was also saddened to read some of the brutal and unsympathetic comments on the show's FB page. Sigh again. I think I'm going to go read for a little while to clear my mind (even though my sight is especially fuzzy tonight). Sigh times three.
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So, what's the what? Well, SuM, S and I just had a House Dinner & Movie Night. First, for dinner we had grilled Teriyaki chicken, green beans, roasted 'taters, sliced zucchini. Then we had my bourbon pecan tarts and Hypnotiq for dessert as we watched "Freeheld", based on a true story from last decade of a dying NJ cop who wanted to transfer her pension to her partner (with whom she had a Domestic Partnership). Naturally, the council (a bunch of dicks!) were very sad she was dying, but wouldn't transfer the pension (because they thought gay people were icky, dontchaknow), which would have meant the partner couldn't afford to keep their house (and its memories). Only the cop's work partner supported her; but, at the end, a whole bunch of cops showed up at the town council meeting where they reversed the decision. So, yeah, lots of being all choked up and crying. There's also a documentary, so we'll try to watch that in the next couple of days.

Now, why no pain? Because church-John came a-calling (texting me while I was in the shower ... and he was already parked outside without my knowledge!). After I got dressed, we took my new coat to the cleaners to get my sleeves shortened. When I got back home, I took two pain pills, swallowed down by Coke. Oh, feeling much better.

Anyway, much better than this morning, when I'd woken up at 4:11 a.m. (from the pain lancing through my fingers). So I decided to read and actually finished the book which ended up being horror/crime/mystery/child abuse/sociopathic siblings. Uh ... yeah. So not pleasant, even if it was gripping. After I finished, I returned to reading the engrossing God book by Sawyer. Much saner. I think I'll read a bit more before bed. Then keep my fingers crossed for better sleep, too.
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It just didn't work out. So perhaps tomorrow or Thursday.

I had a mostly utilitarian day. Woke up a few minutes before the (horrible) alarm at 7:00. Booked my rides for next week. Hung out on the computer. Exchanged e-mails with my sis RS about a family reunion on Thanksgiving Saturday. Yay, she's in. By the time the afternoon rolled around, I was zonked. Did my customary dozing off during the news (also earlier, with the Nature music channel on). Managed to get through the game shows and snorfled at the Jeopardy! Final: "Crown Royal" or "Royal Crown". Sooooo easy. Did another rewatch of this week's The Orville just because it puts me in a good mood.

Read my weird book for a while and I think I'll be returning to it. And then I'm hoping to get in some more good sleep tonight. ::crosses fingers::

Weekly Reading

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:05 pm
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What I’ve Just Finished Reading

The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu
It's available for free online here. A really affecting story. What made it for me where the small details, like the water buffalo wanting to wallow and jumping into the soy sauce.

What I’m Reading Now

The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle
I really like Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, so I picked this up at a book flea market. I'm not very far in yet. I'm currently at the point where professor Challenger invites the protagonist back into his house after having bodily thrown him out a moment before. He's certainly a memorable character. I loved the interaction with his wife.

What I Plan to Read Next

Probably This Census-Taker by China Mieville since it needs to go back to the library soon.

I have a headache.

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:42 pm
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Of course I do. After all, it's the day after. And that's usually a letdown. What isn't usual is actually having a headache. Oh, sure, sinus aches; and, since 2008, eye socket aches. But not pain in between the eyebrows. So I spent most of the day in bed, first zoning out and napping in the morning, then dispiritedly reading my very strange book. Watched the usual TV in the evening. Didn't communicate with anyone. OTOH, SuM brought me the all-male Swan Lake from the library (wonderful!) and we're going to have a movie night on Wednesday with another biographical movie. I figured I'd watch the ballet tomorrow as I'm sure the music will make me feel better. ::crosses fingers::


Sep. 18th, 2017 08:57 pm
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Happy birthday [personal profile] wings128! I hope your day was full of good things, like lots of slash for your ship(s) of choice and presents :)
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