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I am both blown away and humbled by the participation in this year Romancing McShep Fest. I won't keep you waiting for the list of goodies any longer.

List is in alphabetical order by author/artist.

Masterlist 2017 )
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Author: Melagan
Title : Unguided
Rating: Explicit
Wc : 8000
Summary: John Sheppard is an unbonded Sentinel and the first of his kind to be sent off-worId without a guide. References the episode Rising.


There are more stories and art to be found at Romancing McShep on LJ.

At the end of the fest I'll be posting a masterlist on both communities so you won't miss a thing.
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Posting for this year's Romancing McShep begins on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th and runs until the end of the month. Whoo-hoo!
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I have to say the people leaving prompts have outdone themselves this year. These are all awesome.

2017 Prompt list

I know I'd love to read every single one of these.

Of course your entry doesn't have to be based on one of these prompts but we'd love to know if you pick one to use.

I finally had to admit the story idea I had was never going to work and now I'm eying the Sentinel AU. Because there can never be too many McShep Sentinel stories!
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victorian ice cream

It's no stretch of the imagination to know who is licking the life out of that ice cream, or to know who the leaning dark haired gent is giving an appreciative look to one damn fine ass.

...or is that just me?
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date night

Romance is in the air. Possible with a little liquid courage by the looks of it. Or maybe they're celebrating an anniversary. Interpret it as you will.

In case you haven't guessed, it's prompt time!

Prompt suggestions should be left in a comment to this post.

What you consider a prompt is up to you.

Prompts may be anything including, but not limited to, pictures, poetry, or song. You may offer as many prompts for the fest as your romantic heart desires. We'll continue with our shameless begging for prompts until midnight (wherever you are) Jan 16th.

You may leave more than one prompt but please be clear and separate multiple prompts by using numbers or separate lines.

Remember too, since this is not an exchange there is no certainty that your prompt will be chosen but any offered inspiration is greatly appreciated.
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